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An Uncommon Friendship
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An Uncommon Friendship: a memoir of love, mental illness, and friendship, gives an in-depth view of mental illness at the most personal level: Stewart Young is mentally ill with a variety of disorders, his mind has betrayed him and lies to him, and he fights his demons in an attempt to save his own life. His wife, Monique, has her own demons, and she takes care of him as best she can while maintaining her own equilibrium. 

When the marriage ends because of his intense crushes on other women, she continues to take care of him, and their friendship remains strong, despite  the isolation, rapid mood swings, hallucinations, and the occasional psychotic episode.  

Through a combination of diary entries and emails written by both of them as Stew fought his illness we see the progression of his illness, and the recovery that appears so close, yet is so far away.
An Uncommon Friendship

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